Sunday, 8 February 2015

A nation of effing rapists

We can proudly boast of being the nation with the highest number of men indulging in unnatural acts of brutal violence. Here is what the Times of India says of the most recent manifestation of this depravity:

Unidentified men raped and brutalized a 28-year-old mentally-challenged woman before killing her at Bahu Akbarpur in Haryana's Rohtak district on Sunday last.

The woman's body was found without key organs on Wednesday along with sticks, stones and condoms stuffed into her private parts three days after she went missing.

The brutality is throwback to the Delhi's Nirbhaya case, which shocked the country and led to radical changes in laws to end crimes against women.

Police said the Rohtak woman's body was decomposing when autopsy was conducted on it at Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS) in Rohtak on Thursday.

PGIMS's forensic medicines department head Dr S K Dhatterwal said he has supervised or conducted around 30,000 autopsies, but has never seen such brutality in his 29-year career.

He said two stones were inserted into the slain woman's anus. "Her face was eaten by animals; her lungs and heart were found missing. Also, her skull had fractured and there were injury marks on both her thighs and chest.''

Doctors took five hours to conduct the autopsy. "There was a 16cm long and 4cm wide stick-like article in her vagina. We presume that a longer stick was used and it may have broken inside her. We also found a number of condoms in her vagina," said Dhatterwal.

Police said the woman belonged to Nepal's Vardia district and had been under treatment in Haldwani. She had come to Rohtak a few months back to visit her sister, who works as a domestic help in the city.

A few days before this, the Bangalore newspapers carried a srory of how a man had taken a three year old girl into a shed, raped her and then killed her there before very calmly walking out. There are even blurred photographs showing him leading the unsuspecting and innocent child by the hand, and then walking out alone. Not long before that, Bangalore reported instances of teachers having raped students inside the school premises on several occasions.

In fact, it is a safe bet that if you picked a random paper from a random Indian city, you would be sure to find a story of such bestiality, with varying levels of details of the horror. I have quoted the TOI report verbatim, and talked about the fate of girl children in Bangalore, to convey the scale of desperation and depravity of these monsters: from a mentally ill woman to a defenseless child, they pick their victims from all strata of women.

In just 75 years, the land has ignominously slid from from the zenith of espousing non-violence as a form of freedom fighting to the nadir of laying claim to being a land of bestial effing rapists.

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