Sunday, 23 November 2014

A quiz for town-planners

Would you rather live in Kochi or Delhi? Cambridge or Birmingham? Los Angeles or Boston? Tokyo or Kyoto?

What is the common feature of each of the `winning cities' to the last question?

If land is constantly acquired for broadening roads for `easier commutes' for cars, what do you do when the whole nation has only roads and no more land?

If the only way to get from anywhere to anywhere (even just crossing the street like the proverbial chicken) is to get into a car and drive some three or four kilometres, what do you do when Mother Earth has been sucked dry of all her oil reserves by the increasing need of the SUVs and motor cars?

Have you seen the movie Mad Max?

How does a mother take her children to play in a green when all the green has become tar or concrete?

If the worship of wide roads even leads to motor cycles using the pavements (should they exist), where does one walk, or use a wheelchair, if one cannot do without such aids?

(This post is a response to the following depressing news of an endeavour begun by the same city corporation which has been periodically giving us tidbits in the newspapers about `reclaiming our open spaces' and `introduction of jogging and cycling tracks'.)

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