Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Hiatus

I have been going more than 20 months on the trot writing on this theme - initially as a fortnightly newspaper column, for a little more than a year, and then in this blog, writing almost once a week, for another 9 months. As a friend of mine  says (who is a professional writer) she periodically suffers from writer's cramps. Being at best an amateur part-time writer, I feel I have earned the right to at least a two-week holiday: during this period, I am going to have to navigate international travel, attending a conference, meeting old friends, getting used to the idea of driving a scooter rather than my own tailor-made wheel-chair with its set of convenient gizmos (such as (i) a table I can whip up from the side for the dual purpose of writing notes at a lecture, or using as a convnient place to put coffee cups, beer glasses or plates to eat from, or (ii) a little stand in which I can keep my stick which I need when I need to get out of the chair and walk), and trying to make sure my talk wont fall flat on its face. If these aren't sufficient reasons to rescue my my over-worked mind out of its first amateur writer's cramp, I don't know what are!

Anyway, I hereby give notice that this blog will be in recess until I can shake off this cramp and come back re-vitalised with something fresh to write about. So, au revoir mes amis, `a bientot.

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