Friday, 1 February 2013

Sorry for this non-post

I am afraid this is going to be a `non-post'. When I first started writing a column in ToI, I told the editor that I wasn't sure if I could write something every week and hence suggested that I should probably not commit to writing more often than once in two weeks. And of late, when I started writing only in my blog rather in the newspaper, and because it was so flattering to see so many people looking at my blog on saturdays, I started writing a post every week, and now, I find I am writing something because I have to, and the results are not all that pleasing.

To compound matters, I have, of late, been bothered by a domestic crisis that does not allow me the frame of mind needed to write something meaningful. Let us hope things improve on the home front and I will be able to put up a meaningful post next week.

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